Our new studio

About Kinggath Creations

We are a team of creatives from the group who published Fallout 4‘s acclaimed mod series Sim Settlements. We have been working together since 2017 to make fun and original content that blends seamlessly into the game world.

Through the Bethesda Verified Creators Program, we are committed to delivering high-quality content for PC and Xbox. Our work is just a click away for the millions of users who enjoy Bethesda games every day. Our first release is the East Empire Expansion for Skyrim. We also invite you to explore our free, non-commercial projects.

This partnership is one of several ways we can keep creating what we want without the need to raise capital or cave to corporate interests. We want to pour ourselves into projects that also put food on the table so that we can keep working together and make epic experiences like Sim Settlements 2 for decades. With the support of our fans, we’re taking our time with smaller projects while we slowly build something big from the ground up.

If you have questions about what this all means and what’s happening to our past free mods, we have answers — don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere. And neither are we.

Our story

Kinggath Creations