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East Empire Expansion

The East Empire Company is expanding their reach throughout Skyrim.

In exchange for convincing the Jarls of Skyrim to permit their outposts and helping them set up mining operations, the East Empire Company will provide you with powerful tools to help your adventuring.

  • Loot delivery services – Have the East Empire Company carry your extra loot out of dungeons and back to town — or even back to your home.
  • Claim dungeons – Once you’ve cleared a dungeon, claim it for the East Empire Company. It will soon be full of guards and mining teams, who will give you a cut of their profits.
  • Sell your wares – Give your unwanted items to a merchant from the East Empire Company. They’ll sell your items for you over time so you can focus on your adventure.

As you help their presence grow across the nine holds and Raven Rock, more services and benefits will become available to you.

The East Empire Expansion features a professionally voice-acted questline with dynamic systems that allow these new services to work with content from the base game as well as other creations—and even locations added in community mods!

How to use this Creation

East Empire Expansion starts as soon as you exit from a cleared dungeon in the Skyrim province. A khajiit named Sha’khar will approach you and offer a series of services that will make your life managing items easier, and enhance the presence of the East Empire Company in Skyrim.

After you’ve completed the quests, continue to use the services provided to unlock additional services and benefits over time.

Helpful Tips for After the Quests

Purchase additional East Empire Relics from the Merchants stationed at established East Empire outposts. There is always one available outside Whiterun.

Unlocking new outposts

To unlock East Empire outposts throughout Skyrim, you must convince Jarls to permit the company to operate within their hold. Shortly after they grant permission, an East Empire outpost will appear.

Ledgers and outpost locations

At each East Empire outpost is a ledger, activating that ledger will reveal the locations of any other recently established outposts.

After visiting a new hold that doesn’t yet have an outpost, access the ledger at an existing East Empire outpost, such as the first one outside Whiterun, to gain access to clues from Korrin. Pursuing these clues can help you more easily convince the Jarls.

Upgrading outposts

Once you have used enough East Empire Relics to claim dungeons within a hold, as well as sell enough wares through that hold’s East Empire Merchant, the East Empire Company will invest more resources there. The outpost will be upgraded and additional services will be unlocked. You’ll also receive a better cut of their profits.

Setting up loot delivery

When you activate a container that you’ve placed an East Empire Relics in, a menu will appear. This menu allows you to select the location where items will be delivered as well as what should be done with them. The “To” option determines whether the items should be delivered or put up for sale, and the “At” option determines which location they should be delivered to or sold from.

Claiming dungeons and their profits

Using East Empire Relics in cleared dungeons near the holds with an East Empire outpost, will trigger the East Empire Company to begin harvesting resources from that dungeon. Your cut of their profits can be found periodically in the Delivery Container at that outpost.

Buying items back

You can purchase back items you put up for sale by speaking to the East Empire Merchant at the outpost you sent the items to.

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